Saturday, November 26, 2016

OpenCatholic Voting Guide - Future Edition

I have forgotten more than I ever knew, and what I know now I cannot lay claim to as being my own.

What does this means for politics? I view election decisions as I would any other. I review the candidates and choose whomever strikes my heart as the best choice. I do not worry about politics, I simply do my part. I participate and make choices. The votes are tallied and a winner is announced. I am glad, or shake my head, and I go on about the business of life.

"The business of life," one might say, "is political. It is transactional in nature. Competing forces are at work, and it is our job to support the truth." And I say, the business of life manifests itself politically but in its nature or essence is religious. Life is founded on faith. Faith (love) gave us life. It is this love that compels us to choose life over death. It is this love that compels us to help each other, to make the world a better place. 

A life lived in love guides one to decide to love. Decisions made otherwise run the risk of not being founded in love.

Love runs many risks - does it not? - of looking foolish, or being non-topical, or irrelevant. People tend at times to treat love as a luxury, something to be put aside when hard decisions must be made. I say, no one is forcing you to make your decisions in a particular way. You can decide on what basis to decide.

You can decide based on love.

What I know now I cannot lay claim to as being my own. I know that the world is falling away and that so to I will one day. I will do so, I will pass away, as all things must. This is nothing new. But it is new - it is always new to say - to say, I will pass away in love. I hold my prospects in a clear light, and I am overwhelmed with sadness and joy. Sadness for the passing of things. Joy for the love that is in our lives and will live on eternally.

It is in this light that I live. It is in this light that I vote.

Peace to all.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The OpenCatholic Voting Guide

Vote with your heart, for the well-formed heart cannot lie and it will not fail you, for it is founded in love.

Vote for love just as you worship in love.

As you love, so should you vote.

As you love, so will you be set free. Set free from fear and consternation. What is doubt? Is is shame before what is pure. What is pure? The love of God.

So vote with your heart as you would wish God to love you to the end, as indeed he does and he will, forever.

Peace to all.