Saturday, October 24, 2015

Confession and Care

It has been on my mind, to confess. To confess anything I do that varies from the teaching of the Church. It has been on my mind, because I have it in my power not to be a hypocrite. All I needed to do was lay aside my pride in opinions. I have now done so. I am immensely relieved.

I have no argument with anyone, least of all the Catholic Church. There. I said it. I have no abiding, legitimate interest in what passes for many as critical issues of individual rights. I care for legal equality, it is true, but I do not carry the yardstick. I am not who you should turn to for a bright opinion of who has been wronged and by whom. No, that is not my concern. I care, but by a measure I cannot claim for myself, except as I acknowledge it.

I care, as the Catholic Church cares, for a truth that is reflected first and last in the life of Jesus Christ. In his divine origin, his ministry on earth, his Passion and death on the Cross, his Resurrection, and in the promise of His return.

That is my social agenda. That is my commentary on men, women, marriage, abortion, war, homosexuality, poverty, art, business, you name it. If you want to know what I believe, ask the Vatican. Phone the Pope. Check the Catechism. 

If you want to know how I feel about you, personally, I have a ready answer for that as well.

I love you more than life itself, and I would give my life to save you in the eyes of the Lord.

I pray for the strength to continue to confess the truth of my life to my Church, and to others the truth of my love for them.