Saturday, December 27, 2014

Love Politic

God's truth is love.

There is no end to things. To things that matter, there is no end in sight. To things that do not matter, there is no end of hope.

I turn time and time again to what does not matter as being the only fit pasture for my labored mind. I need peace. I do not need consolation.

If there is any one thing I am most grateful for it is that I feel no need to explain myself. Really, I would not know how to begin.

In love is the truth of God.

Political matters concern me for how people express love of each other, which is God, which is truth.

I support truth. I support love.

I find it increasingly difficult to be angry or even annoyed by politics. I am sorry for how people are neglected or suppressed. I suppose I believe in freedom of expression, but even then I defer to God. I cannot know what is true that is not love.

I know only that God is love.

In this, I am somewhat deprived of easy conversation. I lack the tools of discourse. I agree with what comes out of people's hearts. I trust in God. This is not a brag, I imagine. I simply have no options except to trust, to support, to love as God loves.

I cannot claim any credit. I cannot say I am right, because the truth is not mine to declare, and love is not mine to control.

If God is love, then all love is holy. Certainly, you will agree that I have no standing to question what is holy. What profit would there be in that?

Ah. I am one man. Just one man. I have nothing to offer of any worth that does not come from my God.

I am never alone. I am never without hope. I cannot fail in love. I cannot be false in love.

There is no end to things. There are endless proliferation and gatherings and causes and concerns and announcements and pleas, resolution and questioning. More gathering. More song.

More in the way of love, of truth. More and more. Words strike the brow, an unceasing rain.

Love is true as God is love. The world knows this just as we know the world, in our hearts, through the grace of God.