Friday, September 26, 2014

Open and You

Approaching the notion of OpenCatholic - what that means. Can one proclaim openness and be open? Is not any kind of proclamation a kind of closing of the door to dialogue or inquiry?

Am I, as a person, as a writer, as a Catholic, "open"?

Am I asking that others - other Catholics - be more "open" - or, "open" like me?

I suppose I take the notion of universality at face value. I cannot claim to a universal intelligence (isn't Erasmus considered the last truly "universal" thinker?) but I, as anyone, am subject to the universality of Christ's teaching. I am, therefore, called to be universal in thought and feeling and action. I am called to that. I fail, to be sure, as I am a miserable sinner, but I do not lose faith in that call.

I do not put aside the instruction, the expectations, the demands of our Lord to accommodate the fact that I will fail. That I fail is testament. For I know I fail. I know it, and I confess it, and I never let it stop me from trying, again and again, to follow the Way.

So, what is OpenCatholic?

It must be what I, as the founder and writer, imagine or experience...but my experience is nothing as an individual, a person with this social security number, born on a particular date, to die on another.

It is, I think, a simple allusion to the notion of being alive to the Word. We traffic in labels. In this case, the label is intended to indicate, in rapid fashion, that labels do not suffice. So, we return to ourselves sometimes, refreshed by having exposed ourselves for review. OpenCatholic is that I am open about being Catholic, and at the very same time open, as Catholic, to you.

Exactly, precisely, with no judgments, regrets, or reserve, YOU.