Sunday, March 10, 2013

Now for Heaven

I have been more than busy and I have made a point (or it has happened) that I have been less regular in my practice this past week, and all things work together, and I have never seen the parts not add up to a whole, so I am led to this posting, to state, that I am almost always lost, and this is what I know at all times, and this is not new. And so I sometimes think I know more than I do, or other times feel less than what I would like. But I do not change so easily.

This is all mood and perception. I keep this is mind, that I am loved and forgiven as I love and forgive. I have more chances lately it seems (only seems, I am sure) to be simply kind or respectful, maybe just funny and easy, maybe making things less stressed. So, I'm saying that is a kind of devotion on days when I am too tired to actively practice prayer or Mass, etc., but a gift nonetheless. And, this is important. Exhausted, you want to find yourself returning to your practices as energy and time allow. That is, the world is always here, and when you reach out God is there.

I have been too tired, too stressed, too down on myself. Look at all that negative thinking. Well, it's not so easy getting out of it. I know all the "you're alright" talk. And it helps. God helps too. I can;t put a finger on it. But, it's as if the door is always open once I have the clarity to see it.

Anyway, I don't have a lot of suggestions or opinions I guess. Today, I needed to say goodbye thanks to the people I took motorcycle training with, just to say it, and everyone responded, and the instructors were so helpful and kind. I sometimes think that the only thing that separates this life, now, from heaven is our mortality, our weakness at the hands of the world and its demands. I mean specifically to remove blame from the equation. I mean to say, we are so very blessed, now.